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Hello Everyone 

The first of my fortnightly blogs is going to let you know a little more about Myself the person behind Zewe gifts the maker & creator the next few blogs will let you know a little more about how it all started. There may be a blog or 2 between the fortnightly ones if there is a new product release or information that I feel you need to know. 

10 Facts about myself - 

  1. My full name Zara Eleanor Wilberforce - Eke
  2. I am 33 years old (34 in October)
  3. I am Single 
  4. I have loved being creative all my life which mainly started with my Grandma Eleanor when I visited her when I was little.
  5. I lived in Oxford for the fist 18 years of my life (mind I was probably there less than I was in Cornwall, Devon & Newcastle as I visited family at each very regularly) so for me Cornwall & Newcastle are my homes 
  6. I love visiting historical sites learning new things & have a passion for Castles (I'm in the right part of the country for that) places like Vindolanda Roman fort, Warkworth, Bamburgh & Holy Island castle, oh there are so many places I couldn't list them all but need to give a big shout out to Tintagel Castle as well. 
  7. I Love being interactive with you all & would love any comments, chats, feedback i'm a very open person and would love that one day this could be my permanent job rather than having to work at the other place.
  8. I'm a huge fan of fantasy & Gothic - Love my Gothic & Dragon style Jewellery, reading, watching all things to do with witches, dragons Magic etc so there's a little hint to something new I'm working on a fantasy collection will be coming but as its my favourite thing I'm not releasing it until its spot on with more ideas in the background to build on.
  9. I am passionate about wildlife and the country side, enjoy watching & visiting our coastlines and the David Attenborough programs & coast well I could watch them over & over. I use to have a very spoilt Netherland Dwarf Rabbit (called Flash- for those who get this my mums maiden name was Gordon) he was beautiful and my life bless him he passed away before his 12th birthday but he was one funny thing I think he thought he was a cross between a cat & a dog really ;-)
  10. I have one thing on my to do list in life that I haven't managed yet - I have only been abroad once to Malta, so my wish list is to visit some more countries some of the main places I would love to go are Italy-Rome, Spain-Madrid or Barcelona, Greece & would really like to go back to Malta as I was so young when I went. If you notice they all have quite Historical & Mythical tales about them - I like investigating I'm not one to lay on a beach for days on end. 

I hope this little trip into my life has been informative, interesting & I'm hoping that it will make you feel at ease to talk to me anytime you like about anything I am always in the background with my social media so will get messages off you straight away & will reply as soon as I possibly can.

Love to you all 

Zara (zewe) 

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    • Love these posts Zara! It’s nice to learn more about the person behind the business! I look forward to the next post :)


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