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Hello all and welcome to any new viewers 

As the creator & owner of zewe gift's I started crafting at a young age with my Grandma Eleanor. Every time I came to visit her we would do all sorts together baking & sewing were the main things we did other than cleaning out the coal fire & eating breakfast after, it was the only time I ate porridge when I stole hers.

She started me on the sewing bug she taught me embroidering in front of the kitchen fire we would sew beautiful floral patterns on table cloths. She was so clever when she finished the table cloth you could never tell which was the right or wrong side. I miss here so much she would have loved getting involved with my business. 

From there when I was about 6 years old I taught myself how to do counted cross stitch where all you have is a piece of material & threads then you start sewing your pattern.

This is the second instalment of about myself & zewe's hope this has bought a little more insight to my crafty life & hope you have enjoyed the read the next insight will be on the 6th of September. I will be showing a few pictures of some of the cross stitches I have done over the next week adverting this blog.

there will be a blog next week for a product release please stay tuned.

love to all zewe xx 

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  • That sounds lovely! There is something so special about skills being passed down from generation to the next! :) Can’t wait for the next blog article!


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