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Hi all today I thought I would give you some information on what is going on behind the scenes at zewe's and a little about myself.

Sometimes the reason why I disappear from my social sites (instagram/facebook) for a couple of days at a time is I'm hard at creating. I don't like bringing anything new to the site until its exactly the way I want/like it and tested, very well :-), I make sure everything can be used and is very durable before its even shown to you all. This is also why sometimes there are quite long gaps between product releases sorry about that, but I pride myself on doing the best that I can possibly do.

Behind the website - at the moment I am working on 2 new product launches & really trying to get things organised (I appear to be an organised person but i get very messy with all these beautiful crafts). Also while working on these 2 launches I am trying to make the website as easy and as enjoyable place to visit and use (so any comments or feedback on anything or information you feel is missing to make your experience great with zewe's please feel free). Also I have the first craft fair of the year coming up, that I'm preparing for ooo getting a little exciting now love meeting any of you in person that can make it to the events (for full list see events page).

Coming up - on top of the 2 launches I have just mentioned 2 more are being made deep in the background 1 may not be till later on in the year as really trying to make this a special one little insite you may ask (its all along the lines of fantasy so watch this space x) 

Wishing you all a beautiful weekend, have fun and thank you for taking the time to read this hope you liked the little behind the scene's, if this one works well I will bring you more little stories of whats going on in between all the information posts. love to you all zewe xx 

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  • Bought 2 lovely gifts for my Mam for Xmas would highly recommend buying anything on here that’s suits u.

    Tony Elliott

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