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Hello everyone,

I hope you are all well and keeping safe, I haven't wrote a blog for a while, this one is jam packed with new release dates of products, sales section and more. Less than 3 months till Christmas I cant believe how fast this year has gone. 

  • If you haven't already there is still time to sign up for zewe gifts newsletter the next one will be issued tomorrow - I don't send many a year as I don't like to bombard people and I like to keep them special. 
  • 1st October - there will be a release of lovely new products in the Christmas collection which you will find some beautiful decorations for the house and plenty of treats for yourself or as gifts, including jewellery, collectables and usable items - that's as much as ill let you in on for now
  • 15th October - there is a new collection coming which will have a variety of products from across all the collections, the products in here will not be shown anywhere else on my website. There is an automatic discount set up for 30% off everything once these products are gone there gone. Keep an eye on this collection as other items will drop in throughout the year.
  • 25th October - New products coming across most the collections in Glass, Wood, Ceramic and Wool/Cotton some items will be great stocking fillers or just that little thoughtful gift for someone to let them know you care 

Also the free gift wrap section will be updated with a free Christmas gift wrap option by the end of the month so just add the free option of either everyday or Christmas to your cart and your items will come ready gift wrapped or so you can send them direct to your loved ones.

stay tuned, stay safe and take care, love to you all 

Zewe gifts xxx 

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