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Hello Everyone, I hope you all had a pleasant Easter &/or half term. After the Easter craft fair at Linskil I had a lovely couple of days off relaxing then I was back at it planning & making new & hopefully what you will think as beautiful products to bring to you & the website.

What to watch out for over next few months - From today I will be starting what I called the refresher advertising. I will blog/post about each Collection 1 at a time. At the end of each refresher I'm hoping to have a new release of products for the collection just advertised. I will be starting with the Accessories Collection. 

Also this month - A little exciting for me, it's zewe gifts 1st Birthday on the 28th of April. To Celebrate Zewe's Birthday watch out for special offers over that week. My next craft fair is on that day at Morpeth Town Hall to help the celebrating I will be introducing new products that are not on the website (as of yet but will come soon) also I will have some special offers just for the Fair. Hope to meet some of you there.

Hope you have a beautiful week, Love to you all 

Zewe xx 

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