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Product Release

Hello there everyone, 

What a busy couple of days I have planned getting on track to bring you the first of the new collections as planned at the moment. No later than the end of July so keep an eye out. 

I have 10 new products for you. I will start to show you all of them through out the next 2 days hope you like them. There are 5 in the Unique collection, 4 in the Glass collection and 1 special one in the occasion's collection (which some of you have already found, which is lovely to see). This release is all hand painted glass so you will be able to see them all in the glass collection if you don't want to look in each section. 

I will be releasing another blog in the next couple of days to explain a few changes to the website that will make it easier for you to find anything you are looking for. 

Hope you have a beautiful day and week 

zewe xx 

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