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Product Release

Hello and welcome to all who are reading this,

I have released a small variety of products in a new collection called Ceramics & Porcelain. In this collection you will find hand painted ceramics and hand crafted & hand painted porcelain products. Ranging from trinket boxes, jewellery & money boxes just to start off with watch this space for more variety coming to you soon.

In the next 3 to 4 weeks there will be some more products added to this new collection which will include a range of plant pots more variety on the money boxes & trinket boxes and possibly some ceramic tealight holders may make an appearance in the next release. Also more variety of the porcelain jewellery.  I will also be releasing some small updates on the other collections & bringing some sold out products back. 

New Blog instalments will also be  on the way - starting from next week i will be writing a fortnightly blog introducing you fully to myself and zewe gift's with some insights on to how it all began and a few simple facts about myself hope you will stay tuned. The release of this blog will take place every other Thursday starting on the 9th of august and if i don't run out of things to tell you this will continue till the week before Christmas 

Hope your all well and please feel free to comment on any of my products or blogs even give suggestions if you like as to what you would like to see or know about in the blogs

love to you all 

zewe xx 

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