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Product Release Information

Hello Everyone, hope you all have a great day, Just to let you know what is coming over the next month.

By 2pm Sunday the 7th October, the Next Christmas products release will be available. Lots of new goodies coming your way.

By the end of October, there will be a release of new products in most if not all of the collections, when I have everything together on this release I will inform you of the exact date that everything will be available. 

Also the Craft Event page has been updated with all the new & Christmas events that zewe gifts will be attending. Hope to meet some of you over the next few months. 

I apologise for missing one of the blog releases on the week I was unwell, I totally lost track of the days & dates the fortnightly blogs will continue as of today. If your having a look at this why not catch up on the last 3 called About zewe's & Myself, Happy reading & please feel free to contact me or leave a comment if you wish.

Love to all 

zewe xxx 

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